Gov Table

NameCategoryTerm of office from:Term of office to:Appointed by
Mrs Lisa Halford (Chair)Co-opted22/11/202221/11/2026Governing Body
VACANCYCo-opted  Governing Body
VACANCYCo-opted  Governing Body
Mrs Kathy Di FrancoCo-opted13/01/202312/01/2027Governing Body
Ms Sarah Pope (Vice Chair)Co-opted21/10/202121/10/2025Governing Body
Mr Patrick HaylesCo-opted23/03/202323/03/2027Governing Body
Mr John WinneyCo-opted12/11/202012/11/2024Governing Body
Cllr Dennis PearceLA30/06/202230/06/2026Local Authority
Ms Tracey KislingburyParent30/04/202129/04/2025Parent Body
Mr Neville MoriartyParent30/04/202129/04/2025Parent Body
Mrs Anna Jayde-FaarisParent14/03/202214/03/2026Parent Body
Mrs Peta BlowHeadteacher10/03/201410/03/2040Governing Body
Mrs Piet BarbourStaff11/03/201911/03/2023Staff Body
Mr Jim Carrington (AHT)Associate20/02/202120/02/2025Governing Body
Miss Anna Diamant (DHT)Associate07/01/202307/01/2027Governing Body
1st CommitteeStandingStaffing
Mrs Halford (Chair)Ms S PopeLisa Halford (Chair)
Ms S PopeMrs HalfordMs S Pope
Mrs Di FrancoVACANCYMrs Blow
Literacy GovernorTracey KislingburyAnna Diamant
Numeracy GovernorKathy Di FrancoMaeve Green
Inclusion GovernorSarah PopeJim Carrington
PE & Sports PremiumNeville MoriartyJessica Fursland
Health & SafetyJohn WinneyMarina Ryle/John Bowtell
Safeguarding/WellbeingLisa HalfordPeta Blow
Pupil PremiumSarah PopeAnna Diamant
EYFS GovernorTracey KislingburyLucas Marlow
GDPR GovernorAnna Jayde-FaarisKevin Hill
Equality & DiversityNeville MoriartyRebecca Torreiro


The committees meet once a term – prior to the full Governing Body meeting.

The Resources committee will monitor and evaluate the use of an impact of the school’s budget, recruitment and professional development of staff, and premises.

The Teaching and Learning committee will monitor and evaluate pupil achievement and the quality of teaching, ensuring the school provides a high quality learning experience and delivers a broad and balanced curriculum in keeping with the school’s aims, all pupil needs and legal requirements.

The Children, Families and Community committee will monitor and evaluate the school’s contribution to pupil well-being, including safeguarding; relevant Equality objectives; attendance, punctuality and behavior patterns and trends; engagement with the school and community.

Resource Committee  Teaching and Learning CommitteeChildren, Families and Community (CFC)
Lisa Halford – CHAIRKathy Di Franco – CHAIRSarah Pope – CHAIR
Neville Moriarty – VICE CHAIRCllr Dennis Pearce – VICE CHAIRAnna Jayde-Faaris – VICE CHAIR
Peta BlowPeta BlowPeta Blow
Tracey KislingburyLisa HalfordPiet Barbour
Jim Carrington Anna DiamantNeville Moriarty
John Winney Anna Jayde-FaarisAnna Diamant
Anna Diamant  
Patrick Hayles  

A copy of the Full Governing Body and Committee meetings’ minutes are available upon written request to the Chair of Governors – Mrs Lisa Halford.