Our last Ofsted inspection was on 18th September 2018. We remain a Good School.

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Just a few of the highlights:

“The school offers exceptional pastoral care. Leaders use a range of strategies to provide support for vulnerable pupils and their families.”

“You set high expectations for behaviour. Positive relationships are evident between staff and pupils and create a happy atmosphere around the school.”

“Pupils are confident that they could speak to an adult in school if they had a concern. They are knowledgeable about how to keep themselves safe, including online.”

“Teachers question pupils’ understanding skilfully and challenge them to explain their answers. Pupils talk confidently about the demanding tasks that their teachers set them and have an excellent understanding of problem-solving and reasoning.”

“Leaders use research to drive improvements in the school. Staff are well supported and challenged to improve further. They value the training opportunities that you provide, and they work closely as a team.”