Welcome to Silver Class

My name is Mr Tyler, I’m the class teacher in Year 5 (Silver Class).

Helping the children with their learning in class with me this year we have Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Ryan and Mr Carrington.

Learning in Year 5 is super fun and interesting! Some highlights of the topics we teach are: ‘WW2’ and ‘The Shang Dynasty’ in History, ‘Earth and Space’ and ‘Forces’ in Science’, ‘Making Bread’ and Fashion and Textiles in D&T and studying Rock, Rap and Jazz in music.

Across the whole year, we motivate and reward children for putting in 100% effort, in order to become ‘Masters of Learning’. Check back here regularly for class letters, learners of the week and more.

Learners of the Week

Autumn Term 2022

9th Sept – Sophia14th Oct – 25th Nov –
16th Sept – Buddy21st Oct – 2nd Dec –
23rd Sept – Naomi4th Nov – 9th Dec –
30th Sept – 11th Nov – 16th Dec –
7th Oct – 18th Nov –

Curriculum Documents

Unit Title Pages – Autumn 1

Unit Title Pages – Autumn 2

Unit Title Pages – Spring 1