Subject Documents

The following documents outline our curriculum subject goals and progression. The subject story gives an in depth look at what we are learning in each subject along with our previous and ongoing focus. It provides a look within the classroom of what you would see when walking into one of those lessons.

Below are the progression documents, these show how skills build throughout the subjects and how each individual topic from Y1 to Y6 build upon previously accessed skills for the children. For example in Computing a child in Y1 would learn what an algorithm is, in Y2 they start to build and develop their own algorithms and see how they relate to non computer related actions moving through to Y6 where they are using algorithms to build and develop 3D gaming environments.

If you would like to know more about any of the documents below, please email and ask to speak with our curriculum lead, Mrs Torreiro.

Subject Stories

Progression Documents

Long Term Plans (LTP)